46th PATTAYA International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (MHSSE-23)

Conference Date:
29-May-2023 to 31-May-2023

Pattaya, Thailand

48th KUALA LUMPUR International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities & Management (KSSHM-23)

Conference Date:
31-May-2023 to 02-Jun-2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

42nd ATHENS-GREECE International Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences (AICHSS-23)

Conference Date:
04-Jul-2023 to 06-Jul-2023

Athens, Greece

47th PORTUGAL International Conference on “Education, Social Sciences, Humanities & Business Management” (ESSHBM-23)


05-Apr-2023 to 07-Apr-2023

Lisbon, Portugal

Website: http://hssmr.org/conference.php?slug=ESSHBM-23&sid=4&catDid=305

Contact person: Simmi Cook

One Best Session Paper will be selected from each oral session. The Certificate for Session Best Papers will be awarded after each session of the conference.

Name of Organizer: cs@hssmr.org

Check the event website for more details.


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